December 26, 2017

Houston Chronicle Article brings life full circle ...

in 1982, Lead Structural Engineer, and Principal at CBM Engineers, Inc., Dr. P.V. Banvalkar took on the task of designing the structure for Phillip Johnsonís new edifice for what was to be known at the time as Republic Bank. But there was an issue with an existing Western Union Building that was located on the site for the planned 56-story high-rise: it had to maintain all of its daily activities and duties. Now, 35 years later, the building is once again in the news, and the Western Union Building, once enveloped by the tower, will be exposed to the world as part of the updating and upscaling of the lobby area with the addition of a new restaraunt in the now Bank Of America Center, and at the helm of the project, once again, is Lead Structural Engineer, Dr. P.V. Banavalkar.

August 3, 2017

A Sneek Peek at the new home for Ballet Memphis....

Channel 5 in Tennessee gives a introductory look at the beautiful new home of Ballet Memphis. Designed by Archimania, the multi-million dollar project is part of a continuing effort to bring arts to the midtown area.

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December 16, 2016

Boston South Station Tower coming to fruition ...

Once set aside by a struggling economy, the Boston South Station Tower, now 1 Dewey Square, is coming close to being a fully realized project. The multi-use tower will be the fourth largest tower in Massachusetts, and is just a hint of Bostonís developments to come.

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June 16, 2016

The one of a kind Oleander sets new standards in Dallas for multi-family design ...

Principals Thomas A. Bellace and Vimal Parikh work with JHP Architecture in Dallas to bring unique multi-family project called the Oleander to life, featuring sky-bridges to both literally and figuratively connect with the community.

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Rendering provided by JHP Architects